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 GhostBot NG – Tibia 9.40 full crack!

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GhostBot NG – Tibia 9.40 full crack!

GhostBot NG – Tibia 9.40 full crack is the most advanced third-party client modification for Tibia. It's made by the same developers of TibiaBot NG. It has several features that make it less intrusive. It does not make any modifications to Tibia's code, such as overwriting code for hooks or disabling sections of code. It also doesn't inject any extra DLL's or leave extra processes once running. Even though all interactions are done using keystrokes, the Tibia window can still be minimized.
All features of the bot have been randomized. There are configurable waste settings so that the bot will sometimes heal early, seeming more human but still granting the same safety. GhostBot NG offers many of the features in the original TibiaBot NG such as Cavebot, Auto Fishing, Rune Making, Radar, Healing, Mana Restore, Cure Poison, Alarms, Logout, Anti-Idle and more.
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GhostBot NG – Tibia 9.40 full crack!
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