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 Tibia OrkBot 0.6.7 for Tibia 8.70!

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Localização : Brazil
Data de inscrição : 24/12/2010

MensagemAssunto: Tibia OrkBot 0.6.7 for Tibia 8.70!   Sex Dez 24, 2010 5:05 am

Tibia OrkBot 0.6.7 for Tibia 8.70!


* Fully customizable auto healer / mana drinker / mana waster.
o Support for ally healing.
* Team lists.
o Team marks and team colors.
o Add single players by name or in-game context menu.
o Add whole guilds by name.
* Combo Shooter, for perfect combo kills.
o Only attack skulled players.
o Customizable attack options.
o Possibility to shoot paralyze runes if all conditions is right.
* Heads-up display.
o Healing percentage, creates a float bubble for every healing that heals more than 1%.
o Green to white, changes "Using one of x" and "Loot of x" to white non-console text.
o Player information, shows vocation, level, health and estimated mana (mages).
o X-Ray, see names throught roofs and ceilings.
o Timers.
+ Timers for every instant spell with a time period in the game.
+ Tracking time of magic walls and wild growth.
o Show current target.
o Show item ID when you look at items.
* Click-reuse, perfect for fishing or shooting runes.
* Save / load settings with a click, five possible slots.

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[url] bb401d0e985940446561cf0193d6555d9e3b01e8d1521247d8becbb-1291 831783[/url]
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Tibia OrkBot 0.6.7 for Tibia 8.70!
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