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 Tibia MC 8.71/ BotNG 8.71/ NeoBot 8.71/ TibiaAuto 8.71

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Tibia MC 8.71

Download []

Scan: bb401d0e985940446561cf0193d6555d9e3b01e8d1521247d8becbb-1291831783
Tibia BotNG 8.71

TibiaBot NG is a professionally crafted client modification for the massive multiplayer online role playing game called Tibia. It is the first product around to offer the benefits of full integration into the Tibia client, making any addition to it both natural and powerful.
Get TibiaBot NG and test it to see what it can do for you!
Note: Some antivirus and antispyware programs flag ... as being infected/malware, although the application is perfectly safe and does not pose a threat to your system. This is called a 'false positive'. The term false positive is used when antivirus software wrongly classifies an innocuous ( inoffensive ) file as a virus. The incorrect detection may be due to heuristics or to an incorrect virus signature in a database. [Similar problems can occur with antitrojan or antispyware software.]
Here are some key features of "TibiaBot NG":
· Aim runes at players from battle window.
· Attack combo, multiple players shooting runes or arrows at a single player at the same time.
· Automatic fast hands.
· Automatic fishing with fish stacking.
· Automatic healing with spells or runes.
· Automatic logout with buddylist when Player/GM detected or moved.
· Automatic mana drinker.
· Automatic script based responder.
· Battle and healing hotkeys.
· Customizable light intensity.
· Display player guild, vocation, level and max/current hp underneath name.
· Full light all the time with one button.
· Macro recorder for custom actions.
· Multi-level cavebot with customizable looting. Goes up and down rope holes, ladders and stairs!
· Play sound alert when damaged, full mana, Player/GM on screen, messaged or moved.
· Reduce CPU usage to zero while game is minimized.
· Relogin after server save.
· Rune maker and mana trainer. Multiple options when out of runes, alert, logoff or train.
· See through floors, walls and ceilings.
· Show experience needed for next level.
· Single click multi-shot runes and fishing.
· Trade channel helper.
· Professional GUI with many skins available!

Download {

Scan: bb401d0e985940446561cf0193d6555d9e3b01e8d1521247d8becbb-1291831783
Tibia NeoBot 8.71

NeoBot is an advanced new generation tool for Tibia who's functionality is completely external and free of the client. It doesn't send or receive packets, doesn't alter memory, doesn't inject dlls and doesn't modify the client's functionality in any way,
like most of the other tools do while exposing themselves to many risks like causing otherwise impossible behavior or performing actions at unrealistic speeds.
NeoBot was built with a strong and flexible design in mind and can skillfully perform all kinds of actions by controlling the mouse and keyboard only.
Combined with its in-built randomization features and smart character control, it's behavior can hardly be told apart from that of a human.
This form of interaction has many benefits. The bot being isolated from the client entirely makes them have no effect on each other in, for example, the instance of a crash. The bot can also not perform any actions that are humanly impossible, which ensures that actions are performed in the same manner as if they were done by hand.

Download: (

Scan: 15773ffcc7bfedf8bcf8d7c4c4a882fd0c61b6504a8103e4670ccf6-1291831036
TibiaAuto 8.71

-> Runemaker
-> Spell caster
-> Auto go/log
-> Auto fish
-> Auto Responder
-> Auto Login
-> Food eater
-> Anti-Logout
-> Cave Bot
-> Auto UH
-> Auto Aim
-> Fluid Drinker
-> Ammo Restack
-> Auto Looter
-> Char info
-> Trade Monitor
-> Creature info
-> Map Hack
-> Light
Tibia Auto 8.71 Download:

download []

SCAN: 634e34dbbd9eb8bcca0d277f6f85801f586063bbac-1280773960
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Tibia MC 8.71/ BotNG 8.71/ NeoBot 8.71/ TibiaAuto 8.71
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