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 [9.60] TIBIA ELF/NEO BOT 9.60

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Número de Mensagens : 174
Idade : 26
Localização : peru
Data de inscrição : 11/01/2012

MensagemAssunto: [9.60] TIBIA ELF/NEO BOT 9.60   Seg Ago 06, 2012 4:18 pm

ElfBot NG 9.60 Full Version !

On this page you will find snapshots of almost every configuration panel in ElfBot. Each snapshot will have its entries filled with the kind of values it is awaiting from you and a general description will be provided to give you an overall view of ElfBot's capabilities.

The cavebot subpanel lets you create waypoints and actions that your character will perform in your cavebot script. It also lets you define the items you'll want to loot, the alarms to alert you when botting, and other options. Every option seen here is detailed in the cavebot tutorial.


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[9.60] TIBIA ELF/NEO BOT 9.60
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